After living and working in Minneapolis/St. Paul most of her life, Jennifer Gaines continues to make the Twin Cities her home.  There are so many fun activities between the two cities and she finds herself enjoying musical concerts, theatrical performances, biking on our trails, beaching at our beautiful lakes, and other cultural events.  She loves the people of the twin cities because they are neighborly, involved in their community, diverse, and passionate about social justice.

While working at a great nonprofit agency since 2012, Jennifer managed to build strong community relationships including policy organizations/committees, task forces, law enforcement, and housing authorities.  Jennifer is a sought after speaker, facilitator, and educator for social justice causes.  Besides all of her rewarding professional involvements, Jennifer is also a dedicated single mother.  

Having overcome alcohol/drug addiction, criminal background, prostitution, abusive relationships, suicide attempts, being unemployed, being homeless and broken family relationships.  She decided to pursue regaining custody of her daughter that she lost to the foster care system.   Jennifer believes that no one should be defined by their worse moment or their worst choice in life.  Everyone makes mistakes.  

Each day is a new beginning and everyone deserves a chance to change and be an overcomer.  New beginnings and a new life are a one day at a time process. The daily process starts with a safe place to live, where one is supported, held accountable, and can get the practice needed to transition into their new life in recovery.  Jennifer has collaborated with her family to make available housing so that others will have the opportunity to experience safe, sober living.

Mission: Providing individuals with the opportunity to experience a safe, sober home environment while they transition into a healthy lifestyle in recovery from addiction.